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28 Golf Memes Fore the Golfers Avoiding All Their Responsibilities

one tee at a time
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20+ Wii Sport Memes For Nostalgic Gamers Craving a Game of Tennis

It was iconic
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Mansplaining Golfer doesn't realize he's talking to a PGA professional, cringe ensues: 'This is actually mental'

Big mistake. HUGE!
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Pigs Destroy a Golf Course in Arizona and the Internet Sides With the Pigs

Pigs: 1 Golfers: 0
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Sad But True

Funny meme about shopping cart wheels.
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funny meme about one armed kid
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Collection of memes involving Tiger Woods' DUI mugshot.

14 Best Tiger Woods Mugshot Memes

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Two Australian Dudes Tricked a North Korean Golf Tournament Into Thinking They Were a Pro Golf Team

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Stick and Ball Coordination is Good (if You Have it)

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golf vine prank Video - 80691201

What a Classic Prank!

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If You Want to Throw off Your Friend's Golf Game, Just Become an Annoying Sports Commentator

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The New Deer Hunter Looks Terrific!

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Absolutely Sensational Putt!

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Less Points Means More Success

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It's Not Cheating if You Warn Them First

web comics golf It's Not Cheating if You Warn Them First
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Just A Little Tranquiliz---aaaaarh!

Gif of man hitting aligator with blowdart and causing an explosion
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