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42 Hilarious Animal Memes That Are So Cute You're Gonna Die

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Golden Puppers Do A Swim

Caption that reads, "Bad day? Here's a pool of puppies" above a pic of a bunch of golden retriever puppies swimming in a little backyward pool
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2 Spoopy For Me

Tweet from We Rate Dogs that reads, "My goodness. Please don't send in ghosts. They are very frightening. We only rate dogs. Thank you...12/10" above a pic of a cute golden retriever puppy wearing a ghost costume
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Pic of a cute golden retriever taking a nap in a little ditch, with text overlay that reads, "All tuckered out from digging"
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Lol Dogs Are So Dopey

Tweet that reads, "My dog's favorite best friend is a brick" above a pic of a little puppy with a brick and the same dog with a brick
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Even Dogs Understand How Irritating Kids Are

Pic of a golden retriever lying in a bathtub under the caption, "Found my dog hiding from her puppies"
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