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I just absolutely love waking up each day, wondering how the hell Elon Musk will manage to screw Twitter up more than he already has. And by screw it up, we kind of mean make it better. Because while some people may think they're tired, the parody accounts are simply killing it lately. And by killing it, we kind of (definitely) mean causing predatory companies to lose a f*ck ton of money. Anyway. We know that not everyone enjoys watching annoying people freak out about the inevitable demise of…
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The Trollish Meme That Has Everyone Searching for Goku

If you've been wondering about some cryptic memes floating around lately that involve a hidden Goku and a mysterious red circle, wonder no further, because we can explain. It all started with an illustration tweeted by @Scope479 depicting characters from the dark indie RPG Omori. In the image, a bright red circle highlights the intertwined hands of two characters in the left corner while Goku poses conspicuously in the right corner. The tweet went viral and many were dumbfounded by how they cou…
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Know Your Meme explores and explains the Where's Goku meme

Video: Know Your Meme Explains the 'Where's Goku?' Meme

Move over, Waldo.
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Feeling Personally Attacked

Funny meme that reads, "My mental health as soon as I turn 30" above a scene from Dragon Ball Z where Piccolo says that an "existential crisis" is what's for breakfast
Via ReduceReuseRecycledMemes

Pretty Much

funny and relatable meme about new years, people lying to themselves that they're going to do things differently, bugs bunny hitting goku of dragonball z
Via @gayvapeshark

I Feel Ripped Off

Funny Dragon Ball Z meme of goten and trunks as children doing the fusion ha dance, the memes is about parents giving their kids who were born in December combined Christmas and birthday presents
Via justarandomkid
14 Dragon Ball Z Memes If You Know What I'm Saiyan

14 Dragon Ball Z Memes, If You Know What I'm Saiyan

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Technology is Amazing

Funny meme comparing great technological events to the Goku action figures that can flex their muscles.
Via vulpixislife

Not Today!

Goku is fighting an opponent and the caption says "When you get too old for your parents to whoop your ass."
Via @evilmemeguy

Players Officially Managed to Mod Goku Into Smash Bros. Wii U

Via Super Mega Buster 123 Win64 Gigabyte

Projectile Dysfunction

awesome dragonball z fighting goku - 8761276416
Created by tamaleknight ( Via tamaleknight )

The Condensed Version of Dragon Ball Z Season 10

Via Just Sayeh
Dragon Ball Z goku Video Street fighter street fighter II street fighter 2 - 74007553

Goku Would Demolish the Entire Cast of Street Fighter

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My How the Times Have Changed


Jigglypuff Strikes Again

Pokémon jigglypuff dragonball z goku - 8385439488

Bless This Post

goku super smash bros wii U - 8384546816
Via Zomby Woof
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