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Funniest New Years Resolution Memes for People With No Goals

2023 is my year
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A compilation of NFL and professional football themed memes

NFL Memes For Football Fiends

We're finally back into the groove of football season , which makes me think about how I first got into football. I became a fan at my high school games, soaking up the Friday Night Lights that Texas does best. In college, I moved on to following the antics of the Big 10. Now that I'm an adult, it's about time I settled down with an NFL team. It's so interesting to hear about how different people first got interested in the game. So many of us really came for the vibes: the energy of a football…
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couples trolling each other | My husband travels work. He gave this sol am never really alone woman holding towel with man's photo printed on it | asked my girlfriend pencils with my name on them Hashtag McYoloSwag

Couples Who Mastered The Ancient Art Of Trolling

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Ross Is Still So Relatable

Still from 'Friends' where Ross says, "This year was supposed to be great. Well, it's only the second day and I'm a loser..."
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Live Laugh Love <3

Caption that reads, "Omg literally goals" above four pics of goals
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That Seems Like a Lot

web comics life goals That Seems Like a Lot
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They Never Said This Was an Option in High School

image career goals They Never Said This Was an Option in High School
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Uh, Maybe Try Following Your Heart Instead?

web comics dreams Uh, Maybe Try Following Your Heart Instead?
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Realistic Goals

art goals career web comics - 8748260096
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Every Day of My Life

everyday gifs goals sad but true stab video games Videogames - 6537852160
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Did They Score a Goal, Too?

sports gifs goals win - 8292692480
Created by anselmbe

The Dreams of Zombies

dreams goals funny zombie - 8341673216
Created by Unknown

Even Successful People Don't Achieve All Their Goals

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goals patrick - 3882780672
Created by Unknown

The Secret to Fulfilling Your Desires

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Regardless of The Sport I Hear The Announcer From NBA JAM Saying, "From Downtown"

sick truth sports gifs goals soccer - 8455319552
Created by ToolBee ( Via Jams It In )
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