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20 Of The Funniest Recent 'Sue Sylvester' Twitter Memes

This meme is creating an environment that is so funny...
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I Want to Break Free From This Nightmare

f yeah freddie glee Rage Comics so close - 6396067584
By seagles567

Kitty Kat Totally Looks Like "Glee" Guy

actors animals Cats dancing Darren Criss glee - 4599702016
By poopy1234

Pianist from Glee Totally Looks Like Lead singer from Phish

glee - 3966660864
By Bergs75

Artie (From Glee) Totally Looks Like Young Steven Hawking

glee kevin mchale young - 4468569344
By annemonopia

Doesn't Everyone?

nose glee funny - 7720247296
By Unknown

What is Wrong With the Kids?

facepalm herpderp glee leave my presence gtfo - 5855709440
By Unknown

Artie Abrams Totally Looks Like Jackson Jekyll

TLL glee - 7101755136
By nogirl70

Can't Stand Glee? Clarence Knows Why!

glee Kidz Bop sudden clarity clarence - 7088894720
By lobsterassassin


horrible never TV glee - 3424323584
By ricebowl81

Matthew Morrison Totally Looks Like Young Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek matthew morrison glee - 6975030784
By TallGeekyGirl

Young Mitt Romney Totally Looks Like Darren Criss

Mitt Romney actor Darren Criss TLL TV glee funny politics - 6747877888
By vietchica


Music horrible glee - 6724524544
By ebergeek


stahp glee - 4479955200
See all captions By Unknown

Katniss Everdeen Doll Totally Looks Like Naya Rivera

doll funny glee hunger games TLL - 6511645184
By monkeycat44


glee horrible musical - 4711222528
By Unknown
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