Man I Felt So Cool In Church

Funny meme that reads, "No one: ... six-year-old me with a wine glass filled with grape juice: ..." above an illustration of a vampire-like guy holding a glass of wine
Via WillowTiaQuinn

Creating Part of Crystal Chandelier

mindwarp gifs fire glass - 8568487168
Created by Unknown

Shh, They're Melting

sign IRL tap ice cream glass - 6716746240
Created by Unknown

Darn force field!

monkeys gifs bananas critters glass - 8551805952
Created by tamaleknight

Kitty Confused by Glass

mindwarp gifs glass Cats - 8539935488
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

It's Always a Bad Day Before It Gets Better

wine glass funny after 12 g rated - 7958506240
Created by Unknown

Super Heated Glass Viewed With a Thermal Lense

hot mindwarp gifs glass - 8518967808
Created by Unknown

Bear With It

slow motion mindwarp gifs glass breaking - 8444783616
Created by anselmbe

Know Your LImits

bottle glass huge funny wine - 8402434304
Created by Unknown

That's Some Strong Glass

guns mindwarp gifs glass - 8376185600
Created by Unknown

Ape Discovers The Wonders of Licking Glass

gifs critters glass apes - 8160786688
Created by Unknown

Breaking Glass in Slow Motion

slow motion mindwarp gifs glass - 8086738432
Created by Unknown

Need a Bigger Glass

wtf kids glass funny - 8032042240
Created by beernbiccies

The Glass Really Is Half Full

optimism glass funny - 7973085184
Created by Unknown
glass ouch Video fail nation - 57026561

It Turns Out You CAN'T Break 10 Panes of Glass With Your Head

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No Wonder My Chair is Uncomfortable

wtf art seats glass - 7943277056
Via Tumblr Open Arts
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