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People Share The Moments They Realized Their Friend Hated Them

Friendship isn't always magic
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35+ Wholesome Relationship Memes for Cuffing Season

Cuffed and cackling
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30 Wholesome Relationship Memes For National Girlfriend Day

Happy National Girlfriend Day, everybody!
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Inconsiderate Boyfriend Throws Girlfriend a Surprise Wedding, Doesn't Understand Why She'd Be Upset

They weren't even engaged
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Woman Claims She'd Never Ask Anyone To Pick Her Up From The Airport Because She's 'An Adult', Gets Roasted By Twitter

The transactional friendship final boss
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Funny viral thread from girlfriend who desperately wants her boyfriend to stop calling her by the nickname Tony Piza

Frustrated Woman Reveals That Boyfriend Won't Stop Calling Her 'Tony Pizza,' Goes Viral

"Eyyy, Tony Pizza!" If this is how my partner greeted me, I would be ecstatic. It embodies everything I love: a New York accent, an Italian name, and an Italian food . This weekend I learned that not everyone is quite as forgiving and open-minded when it comes to pet names. And you know what? That's okay. Everyone is entitled to their own comfort in the nickname department. But once you reveal your contempt for a moniker in a Reddit thread, you're fair game. And you just might go viral.
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Wholesome Instances of Dudes Rocking

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Relationship memes, boyfriend memes, national boyfriend day, spongebob memes | sniffing my mans scent as hug him Squidward | about hit "send" on nude know he's working Savage Patrick

Sassy & Sappy Memes For National Boyfriend Day

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Girly memes, memes for women, womens memes, girls memes, ladies memes | thinks look cute* Boyfriend: takes my picture picture: toopret Jimmy Fallon in a blonde wig | drunk and telling girl just met bathroom 4 minutes ago exactly why she should break up w her bf bugs bunny in a wig and makeup

29 Girly Memes For Good-Humored Femmes

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Funny meme about guys flexing their dicks for women.
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What Friends?

Funny meme about dating, relationships, girls, stevie wonder.
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I Am Not Made Of Money

"When you take ya girl out to dinner and she looking at the expensive side of the menu"
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Great Example Of What NOT To Do

Funny meme about dating, relationships, girlfriends.
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Funny memes about goth girlfriends.

15 Dank Memes In Praise Of Goth GFs

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