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You Can Take My Heart But You Leave Me My Hoodies

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cute notes left by a girlfriend

Witty Girlfriend Leaves the Most Adorable Post-its For Her Boyfriend Everyday

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Pokémon GO Helps Girl Catch Cheating Boyfriend

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'He Said, She Heard' Memes Speak to the Everyday Relationship Struggle

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Food Wins

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Finish Her!

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We Still Good, Right???

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That Moment When All Became Clear, and You Realized Zubat Was the Obsessed Girlfriend of the Pokémon World

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Can Almost Taste That Golden Awkward Silence

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She's the One, Man


Too True!

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The Best Revenge is a Hot Body

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Saved You a Step

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We Have An Untapped Resource at Our Feet

web comics global warming We Have An Untapped Resource at Our Feet
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Now Tell Him You Have to Leave, and Buy Flowers on the Way Home

web comics girlfriend Now Tell Him You Have to Leave, and Buy Flowers on the Way Home
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Everybody's been in this situation

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