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20 Disappointed People Describe The Worst Birthday Gifts They Ever Received

While this thread may seem like "first world problems" to some of you, we found it to be pretty entertaining. Earlier today, Redditor u/sulemannkhan asked the r/AskReddit community to share the absolute worst birthday gifts they'd ever received. The people of Reddit complied, sharing tragic tales of callous re-gifting, second-hand hairbrushes, and for one lucky eighteen-year-old? A used Disney coloring book. If you've ever received a "dud" gift and had to bite your tongue and feign happiness, this gallery is for you.

funny askreddit thread about the worst birthday gifts people have ever received | JPO_5x5 11h 8 Awards 8 years old growing sunflowers with my mom one summer. My aunt decided get some fertilizer flowers my birtbday. On my birthday unwrapped my present and saw looked like tub vanilla ice cream, but opened there literal horse shit.
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