Thems Tha Rules

Funny tweet about tall people grabbing something from a tall shelf for a short person As a tall person I cannot offer to reach something on a high shelf for a stranger, yet if they ask me I must oblige. This is the law of the giants
Via MissaBean
giant robots Video - 72480769

Japan Accepts USA's Challenge to a Giant Robot Duel

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Come to Cuddle Bear

bears couch giant funny wtf - 7916221696
By Unknown

Giant Puppet Moves With Helicopters

helicopters mindwarp gifs awesome giant puppets - 5262215680
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Everyone Loves Cake!

cake limo wtf giant - 3063290368
By mdhuber25

Hooray for Robots!

awesome giant robot - 3067938048
By Unknown

Can't Tell If Tiny Man or Giant Seagull...

giant perspective seagull - 7017106176
By Unknown

Ain't Nobody Gonna be Able to Finish That Masterpiece

slice pizza giant noms - 6972927488
By Unknown

Giant Rubber Duck Floats Through Sydney's Darling Harbour

wtf gifs australia giant - 6951352576
By _C_A_T_ (Via Youtube)

Giant Puppet in Berlin

wtf gifs giant puppet - 6950035456
By ani.s4 (Via

One Giant Intrusion

head giant - 6949525248

Fork in the Road

giant - 6808705024
By Dan

We Also Have a Giant Banana

Republicans mate banana australia giant - 6747463680
By AustralianSayWhat

A Giant Catastrophe

giant cat ass trophy catastrophe homophones literalism double meaning puns - 6705440256
Via Reddit

Spiders in The Office

spiders projection yikes giant mindwarp gifs - 6696285184
By Unknown

Lake Placid Is Believable

crocodile giant - 6592534272
By willshale
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