There's Still A Pandemic Going On, After All

Funny meme that reads, "Solid advice" above a photo of buffalo wings and text that reads, "Wash your hands like you just ate buffalo wings and are about to put on a wedding dress"
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Do Not Touch Me

Funny object-label meme that shows someone shaking hands saying they need to work together to stop coronavirus, above a photo of someone washing their hands afterward
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Kids R Gross

Funny tweet about the play area for kids at a doctor's office is full of germs that will make the kids sick | what i see when there's a play area at the doctor's office: cough flu strep uncontrollable diarrhea
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Got 'Em

Caption that reads, "Bacteria for five seconds after food falls on the floor" above a still from 'Endgame of a character saying, "What will you do?" Thanos replies, "Wait"
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Straight Up Germ Factories

Caption that reads, "This is how lil kids cough" above a pic of a cat with a contorted weird-looking mouth
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They're Out There

funny meme abouthand sanitizer and germs using a photo of the green goblin and spider-man.
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But What If the 99% Becomes Antibiotic Resistant?

germs web comics - 8750424576
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High Five! ... Oh, Right

games germs web comics - 8750139392
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Public Restrooms

germs public bathroom - 8574036736
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You Never Know Who You'll Fist Bump at Parties

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Hand Sanitizer's Strategy

yikes germs science web comics - 8408591360
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The Five Second Rule

food germs sad but true web comics - 8242379520

Good Guy Germs

germs - 8092163328
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The Secret to No More Lonely Times

bacteria germs sad but true web comics lonely times - 7952320256
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Five Second Rule

cookies five second rule germs - 7904263168
By TNTzer

A True Story From Germs

forever alone germs - 6722074880
By memyselfandI401
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