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A compilation of dog and puppy memes and images

Dog Memes That'll Make You Howl At The Moon

I grew up in a family obsessed with dogs. Whenever we went on road trips, we played a compelling game of my creation, creatively titled, “The Dog Breed Game.”
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Funny and cute montage video of a service dog failing his service training school

Montage Of Dog Failing Out Of Service Dog School Is Cute AF

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Hope he got some chicken for his troubles

Pic of a German shepherd wearing a sign that reads, "I have no shame, I jumped out of the car window and got into the next car because the person was eating KFC chicken"
Via SisterSpooky01

Life Imitates Art

Funny meme about German news looking like a shitpost, Theresa may meme.
Via FurtiveShadow

Heckin Smol Boi

Pic of big German shepherd meeting a little puppy; German shepherd says, "Explain your smolness" and puppy says, "Am pupper"
Via pla303

PSA To All Puppers

Caption that reads, "The pre-Thanksgiving talk" above a pic of a German shepherd giving his son a pep-talk, saying, "Look, when the family comes over for Thanksgiving, it's literally going to be raining food. People drop things, peas roll off plates, gravy drips, things happen. So stay alert!
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It All Makes Sense Now!

Pic of a German shepherd appearing to walk on water with the caption, "Dog spelled backwards is God - The lord is my shepherd"
Via Idontlooklikeagelfling
Cop talking about tricks for not showing that you're not wearing a seatbelt.

Hot Cop & His Dog Hilariously Remind Us They Know Every Trick In The Book

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Buddy Likes to Bomb

Animal Bomb animals dogs german shepherd - 2795642368
Created by Unknown

She Herds Cows, Man! Get It Right!

angry animals attack dogs german shepherd jokes - 3926651392
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Genius is Always Questioned

attack dogs german shepherd silly stupid - 4439401216
See all captions Created by pwnsaasages

Whats Rup?

animals dogs german shepherd photobomb puns snow - 4270630400
Created by Unknown

Just Doing My Business

animals dogs german shepherd photobomb pooping - 4159601408
Created by Unknown