It doesn't matter where you are in the world, all German kids are kinder.

A compilation of memes about language, linguistics, and language learning

Language Memes For People Yelling At Their Duolingo App

Learning languages is hard, especially if you're not getting the whole immersion experience. I feel your pain for those of us who have spent hours in a classroom trying desperately to understand what the teacher is saying in French or Spanish . Some lucky people have caught the language-learning bug, whether it be through traveling, Duolingo, or even growing up in a multilingual household, and I love that for them. As a former college student with a linguistics minor, I loved how linguistics as…
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A list of funny Duolingo sentences.

Weird Duolingo Sentences To Stimulate Your Broca's Area

Language acquisition is not known to be quickly accomplishable or straightforward. Most of us spend four years in a high school classroom fruitlessly trying to learn French, Spanish, or German, to completely forget everything we've learned in the weeks after graduating. I even took three semesters of Russian language courses in college, which may or may not have been because my favorite comedian at the time was a fluent Russian-speaking drag queen. For monolingual divas like me, foreign languag…
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German Burger King Creates Pregnancy Craving Menu, Confuses The Hell Out Of Twitter

These are delicacies
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Ich Verstehe Nicht

Funny meme that reads, "My German friend: 'what time is it?' Me: 'nine;' My German friend: ..." above a meme of Elijah Wood in Lord of the Rings saying, "Alright then, keep your secrets"
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Alexa, spielen Das Pacito

Picture of an old book written by Karl Marx called 'Das Pacito'
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twitter german language nipples - 1437445

The German Word For... This Awesome Twitter Account Reveals the Meanings of Oddly Specific German Words

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Is this a representative democracy?

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Music german weird Video - 80745985

Someone Used Their Own Weird Sounds in an Old, German Music Video

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shopping Memes Cats Video grocery store german - 80650497

A Grocery Store Used the Internet's Favorite Cat Videos as Inspiration for Their New Commercial

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German Was Always Such a Romantic Language

language german translation failbook - 8143931392
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The Newest Batch of Proposed German Words for the Human Condition

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How Do You Even Pronounce That?

wtf german english words funny - 4010101504
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How People Learn German

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History Snap

german T.Shirt funny Soviet Russia - 7622955520


Sexy Ladies beer german - 3480794368
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Das German Cannonball

german cannonball ice gifs - 6681308160
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