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Funny memes about George and Martha Washington classic paintings | roses are red violets are children dammit martha | she's adopting more behind my back isn't she martha stop

George Washington Memes That Depict The First President As An Absent Father

"It is better to be alone than in bad company" - our boy
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Funny memes about the American Revolutionary War | Nurse: Sir been coma since 1776 can't wait see American Revolution Crushed by might our army. colonists: could stop taxing us British about suck our IMPERIAL NUTS

Revolutionary War Memes For The American History Geeks

We don't get enough American history memes - it's always about those damn Europeans.
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The Inception

Painting of George Washington photoshopped with a red hat that says "Make America"
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20 George Washington Memes That Make The First President Look Like A Bumbling Fool

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19 Classical Art Memes That Are Way Better Than Walking Through A Museum

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george Washington paintings memes

'The Adventures Of George Washington' Memes Are Hilarious Historical Satire

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Funny memes telling meme not to look at anime boobs.

'Don't Look At Her' Memes Want You To Avert Your Lustful Eyes

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Funny meme about kids thinking that the George Washington was named Getty Images due to image credit.
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Collection of funny memes about history, China, wars, India, Soviet Union, politics, WWII, WWI, british empire, mongolia, communism.

Knowledge is Power: 23 Super Clever History Memes

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A candidate I can support

george washington hat - 8981222912
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The Real Story Behind George Washington And That Cherry Tree

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The Actual Uniform Worn by George Washington a.k.a. the Greatest Patriot in the History of Ever


Party Like It's 1787

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Partying is Dangerous Because It Leads to Excessive Drinking


Bernie Madoff Totally Looks Like George Washington

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If Britain Had Won

britain george washington dollar bills - 8291135488
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