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Millennial criticizes Gen Zers with the minds of 16-year-olds and the faces of 32-year olds: 'Boomers thought the same about your generation'

Kids these days
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25+ Hilarious Gen X Memes For The Coolest Generation

Move over, Greatest Generation
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Gen X Memes For The Superior Generation Born Between 1965 and 1980

Always forgotten
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A compilation of memes about Generation X

Funny Generation X Memes For Members of The Forgotten Generation

Generation X is the most frequently forgotten generation whenever Generations discourse comes up. Now, all everybody cares about is Baby Boomers, Millenials, and Gen Z, and their various quirks and Gen X is so often ignored. And honestly? That's probably for the best. Generation X used to be the “kids these days” who served as the punching bag for complaints about how the youth are bad now. I will give Gen X credit for having the angstiest “disaffected kids” media. Clerks , Reality Bites , Trai…
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Well, Life Is Meaningless Anyway

Funny tweet that reads, "This generation is a bit TOO comfortable with going to hell"
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It Can't Be Done

Funny meme that reads, "Millennials trying to send a text without adding lol at the end" above an image of a cartoon man trying to stop his hand from doing something
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Run Away!

Funny meme depicting a Millennial who is about to turn 30 | PEOPLE BORN IN The 90s 30's HERE IT COMES
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Goddamn Millennials Killing Every Industry

Funny headline that reads, "Millennials are killing the doorbell industry by texting 'here'" above an image of Moe from The Simpsons with a bunch of doorbells
Funny memes and pictures of the '70s, '80s, and '90s | KIDS TODAY WANT THOUSAND DOLLAR CELL PHONES JUST WANTED THIS TACKY MESS! transparent clear plastic phone | can smell this picture play doh

Old School Pics For People Who Want To Feel Nostalgic

A lil walk down memory lane for ya.
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Quit Buying So Much Avocado Toast

Funny tweet that reads, "Millennials are so SPOILED and ENTITLED; Millennials: is it rude if I ask my employer to pay me"
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cover image meme about Millennial's living and lifestyle | customer service employee: sorry can't do s company policy millennial: aw, ok baby boomer: sin Cos tan y= ax bx x, x b±4 2a as math lady | Guy: millennial fire department Lady: help, my house is on fire Guy: ummm Lady sigh* come thru 's #lit Guy: oh sht omw 100 shutter

17 Millennial Memes That'll Inspire You To Kill Every Industry

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Funny memes and pictures from the 1980s and 1990s | can smell this picture colorful red white yellow blue play dough sand | Three Stages Life Relating Ferris 2. Relating Cameron 3. Relating Rooney ferris bueller's day off

'80s And '90s Pics That Zoomers Might Not Get

Only '90s (and '80s) kids will get these!
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Funny memes, tweets, and Tumblr posts about the conflict between Baby Boomers and Millennials, Generation Z | Niraj Patel Boomers: relationships are between man and woman. They must have 2 or more children. Millenials: Relationships are between person with Netflix person with Hulu person with Disney person with Amazon Prime, and person who can cook. Together will keep houseplant alive. tweet by welplookathim Ma'am were classmates with Moses college classes cost only few shekels.

Generational Sh*tposts About The Boomer-Millennial War

This means war.
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Funny dank memes that make fun of Millennials

Hater-y Boomer Memes For The Frustrated Millennial

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Funny memes entitled, 'Ok Boomer'

Millennials Mock The Elderly And Out-Of-Touch With 'OK Boomer' Memes

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Funny memes about Millennials

Sixteen Millennial Memes For The Lovers Of Avocado Toast

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