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A compilation of weird AI generations and artificially intelligence art

Insane AI Art That Must Be Seen to be Believed

It seems like AI has totally blown up over the past six months. I remember when I first started working at Memebase, DALL-E AI-generated images were all the rage on Twitter. Personally, I thought those images were extremely cool because they could really accurately encompass the prompt. As time has gone on, AI art has become even more ubiquitous online, and it's gotten better and better. The hands for most pieces are still blurry, and they're nowhere near as sophisticated as some types of deep…
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Spicy gender reveal memes, dank memes, gender reveal parties, it's a boy, california wildfires. | Road to El Dorado ROAD TD EL DORADO GOLDPOSTING My lord is s Boy. | Anakin Skywalker before and after Gender Reveal his kids. burned Darth Vader

20+ Spicy Gender Reveal Memes

Well, if you didn't think gender reveal parties were stupid, chances are you do now. Remember the wildfires that raged on the west coast? Well, we've learned that announcing whether your kid is a boy or a girl can cause irreparable damage and death. That's on top of the fact that they honestly seem to be completely unnecessary. It's almost as if people need a constant flow of milestone events to validate the fact that they exist on planet Earth. How many things are we going to have to lave lavi…
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Twitter Users Mesmerized by Ridiculously Complex Gender Reveal

It's a performance
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An article about a wholesome family who hosts a gender reveal party for family parrot, just to find out he's been a girl the whole time

Wholesome Family Hosts Gender Reveal Party For 43-Year-Old Parrot, Discover He's Been A Girl The Whole Time

Usually, when gender reveals go viral, it's never for something good. How many videos have you seen of a gender reveal party starting a fire or the dad storming off when he finds out the baby is a girl? A genuinely intriguing and compelling gender reveal is hard to come by these days, making this parrot's gender reveal such a revelation. This beautiful bird has been a part of his family for over four decades, and they always just assumed he was a boy. When their vet suggested he might be a girl…
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Disastrous Gender Reveal Goes Off With A Bang

Dumb and dangerous
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funny jokes about gender reveals after el dorado wildfires in california | Dan Slott @DanSlott Only Can Prevent Gender Reveal Parties. SMOKEY | Jordy @inurendo next catastrophic gender reveal 's boy

California's Gender Reveal Fires Inspire Rage & Jokes On Twitter

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Funny tweets about gender reveal lasagna.

This Horrific Gender Reveal Lasagna Is Making Everyone On Twitter Ask 'Why?'

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