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Nostalgic Thread Reveals What Gen Z Kids Wouldn’t Get About The 90s

A truly confusing decade.
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News Station Invites Zoomer to Talk About "Birds Aren't Real" Movement, Gets Trolled

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15 Viral TikTok Videos That Millennials Will Lose It To

Millennials are getting so nostalgic on TikTok they're actually taking it over. The hashtag #millennials is currently trending on the app and videos reminiscing on the early 2000s or calling out millennial culture are going viral left and right. Remember your first iPod shuffle? Dial-up internet? The Backstreet Boys? Even fashion trends from the early 2000s like “twee” are blowing up all over TikTok. If you're a millennial and are on TikTok right now, you're going to have a lot of emotions toda…
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millennials and Gen-Zers as senior citizens

Viral TikTok Video Has Viewers Hilariously Predicting What Millennials and Gen-Zers Will Be like As Senior Citizens

*Insert TikTok quote here.* “What did grandma just say??”
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Appreciative Thread Contemplates Millennial Impact Of “Lo-Fi Beats”

This is vaporwave erasure
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15+ Gen Z Moments That Are Either Next-Level Cringe or Masterful Satire

We can't tell at this point
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Dude Slams Movie Content Warning, Receives Entertaining Backlash

Who got triggered here?
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Restaurant Table Comparison Splits Opinion On How Different Generations Treat Servers

Eating out is one of life’s simple pleasures — if you’re the customer, that is. Whenever you walk into a restaurant to have a meal, there’s a whole host of people working behind the scenes to make sure your every need is catered to. In return, it’s important to show your appreciation for this, including everything from your manners to how much you tip . However, how far we should take our eating out etiquette can be a contentious subject, as one video has recently proved. After going for a meal…
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35 Times People Dropped Gold In The TikTok Comments

The comments section might be the best part of the app
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The Generational Meme Redux Of 'My Parents In Their 30s'

Newsflash: your parents still had it better than you.
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39 Funny Tweets For People With Low Attention Spans

We don't need an essay.
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Damn I'm Old

Funny tweet that reads, "I forget how old I am, until my coworkers say things like 'can you read this for me? I don't know cursive'"
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Billie Eilish memes | Felt cute might seduce dad later.  She makes songs girls who think they're psychopaths and capable murder reality they're too scared ask more ketchup packets. billie eilish in a white shirt with blood on her face.

15 Edgy Billie Eilish Memes That'll Bring Out The 'Bad Guy' In You

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My How The Times Have Changed

Funny tweet about how Baby Boomers are embarrassed about therapy and younger generations are much more open about it
Via WillowTiaQuinn
Funny memes entitled, 'Ok Boomer'

Millennials Mock The Elderly And Out-Of-Touch With 'OK Boomer' Memes

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Get Out While You Can

Funny meme about Millennials, Generation Z and college debt
Via meowmeowmix
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