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'He's living the dream': Corporate tech bro gets kudos for quitting 22-year career, becoming goose farmer

An enviable LinkedIn profile
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25+ Bird Memes For Real Life Disney Princesses

Those divas can talk to the animals
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A compilation of memes about Canada and Canadians

Canada Memes For Proud Canadians

Oh, Canada! It might not be my home and patriot land, but it is glorious and free! On behalf of all Americans, I'd like to apologize to the Canadian public for what South Park has done to your people. I've done my research, and I'm now confident that South Park's depiction of Canadians as beady-eyed, flapping-headed people is nothing but hearsay. Even though I will be a Terrance and Phillip stan until I die and defend Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus till the cows come home, I unders…
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A compilation of cute and funny animal memes

The Funniest Animal Memes of the Week (October 8, 2022)

Isn't it crazy how we're all animals ? You and me are just as much of an animal as a fish or a bird. The only difference is that we convince ourselves we're better than other animals because we're the apex predator allegedly. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that humans have better than animals is language. We can conjugate sentences, and they can do nothing of the sort. That's all we've got on them. Most other animals do not have to go to work. Sure, they have to get food and clean them…
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A compilation of adorable animal memes.

Animal Memes for Those Who Know What Comes After Genus & Species

It’s very easy to have a knowledge of Animal Kingdom on a very superficial level. You go to your local zoo, you see the zebras, and you think you know something. If you’re a regular viewer of Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel, you might feel a little bit superior to the rubes who called themselves the next Steve Irwin. Unfortunately, neither of these groups truly compare to the real hobbyists. Do you know the kinds of people we can look at a prehistoric fish thing and tell you it’s genus,…
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Funny and weird memes about animals

A Healthy Mix of Animal Memes That Range From Funny to Unsettling

Listen. Animal memes don't have to be cutesy. It's true that people love pics of adorable critters, or even basic baby-talk captions. But there are those of us who tire of this trope, and require more cultured offerings. Instead, we're looking for animal memes that fall into a variety of categories: funny, relatable, cursed, and surreal. We also look for animal memes that feature creatures beyond the usual realm of cats and dogs. This isn't because we don't like them. It's because cat and dog m…
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Boomer Neighbors Harass Local Geese, Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Just wrong
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Would Buy

Funny meme about gangster rap album cover, birds, geese, ducks, pigeons
Via u/thebelsnickle1991


Funny meme about cat riding on top of a goose.
Via dankmemeuniversity
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Meet Cobra Chicken, The Internet's New Favorite Apex Predator Meme

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It All Makes Sense Now!

"Ever notice when geese fly in a V formation, one side is always longer than the other? This is because there are more geese on that side"
Via Thesleepymemequeen

How Rude

Funny meme about how geese can fly but they still do obnoxious things like holding up traffic when they cross the street, funny photo of a family of geese crossing a road.
Via tank.sinatra

Everyone Does This, Right?

Picking up food from McDonald's, photo of a devious goose. When you eat a bit of everyone's McDonald's fries and then take container that you didn't eat any from.
Via Antonio-_-

Easily Recognized by Their Annoying Honk

image geese science Easily Recognized by Their Annoying Honk
Via Escobar97

Stops in the Middle of It for Hours

geese scumbag hat - 8760604928

No Mercy From The Geese

dogs gifs geese run critters - 8517859072
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