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14 Functional Math Memes For The Algebros

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It's Creative If Nothing Else

Caption that reads, "Someone cosplaying the actual convention center" above a pic of a person wearing silver tights and a bunch of boxes that they stuck together
Via RyanYetti


Tumblr post that reads, "You can never lose an argument if you say 'shut up nerd' at the end. Yes you can. Shut up nerd"
Via Punless
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14 Geeks Share The Craziest Science Trivia They Know

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Somebody Had To Say It

"Car dudes are the male equivalent to horse girls"
Via anlyin

Maybe He's Into That

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Via Huge Cartoons

Basic Guide to Various Species of Teen

teens geeks web comics - 8462521600
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via NIck Mom )

Cops Are Nerds

404 nerds geeks funny police - 7984511488
Created by Unknown

Invasion of the Fake Geek Girls

geeks dorkly robots web comics - 7984519680
Via Dorkly

I Know a Few Maneuvers. We'll Lose 'Em.

geeks - 7854029312
Created by Unmutual

Geeks Should Always Carry a Case or Three

Sexy Ladies beer geeks funny - 7783524096
Created by Unknown

What a NERD!

Sexy Ladies nerds geeks funny - 7735829760
Created by meganeguard

My Second Life is Better Than Your Real Life

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Created by Unknown

What Does It Mean to be a Geek?

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Created by Unknown

Why It Sucks to be the IT Guy

nerds it geeks infographic - 6911640064
Via Daily Infographic

Let Her Finish

geeks twilight - 6465017088
Created by David_the_Bored
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