Funny video of a gecko getting fed crickets in a gladiator setup

Pet Gecko Gets Fed In Epic Gladiator Style

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Caption that reads, "Y'all tryna save 15% or nah" above a pic of a gecko stuck to a moving car's window
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Time 2 Pay Up

Caption that reads, "Better put me down unless you tryna buy some insurance" above a pic of a girl holding a little gecko in her hand
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But How Did It End??

Caption that reads, "Mission Impossible theme plays" above a pic of a gecko holding up another gecko by the tail on the ceiling
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I Aspire To Be This Happy

Gecko looking really happy with a little gecko toy
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Nailed It!

gecko i wonder where his tail g Nailed It tattoo - 6561773312
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My Dad's Car Insurance Can Beat Up Your Dad's!

alligator gecko GEICO Memes - 6062001152
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Troll Economics: Car Insurance

car insurance gecko GEICO troll science - 4263074816
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