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R. Kelly's Total Interview Meltdown Is Making Memers Everywhere Go Crazy

Ooh boy, here we go everybody. 

If you haven't been following the news lately, singer R. Kelly was jailed last month on account of numerous sexual abuse charges against him. We're not going to go into the exact details of those charges, but we'll let you read a bit about them for yourself here

CBS aired an interview with R. Kelly on Tuesday morning, during which he vehemently denied the allegations, screamed into the camera and began crying in an attempt to save his reputation. So, did he commit the acts he's been trying so hard to cover up? Well, we'll let you judge that for yourself.

And of course, absolutely no scandal is ever free from a copious number of memes, which we've compiled for you below! Enjoy!

r kelly meltdown interview memes
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