Tweets roast people who would put gasoline in bags, gas shortage

Gas Shortage Inspires Rumors of Bagged Gasoline & Roasty Tweets

Classic USA
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Every Time

Funny meme about clicking stuff when your coputer isnt loading.
Via onlclickonload

Lighting Frozen Gasoline On Fire

wtf mindwarp gifs fire gasoline - 8537074944
Created by Unknown

The Wrong Place to Advertise

coffee gasoline - 8296180736

Just Count How Many Grammatical Errors You Can Find in This Sign

fuel grammar gasoline g rated monday thru friday - 8005603328
Created by Unknown

No Me Gas-ta!

fuel gasoline - 7862964992
Created by Unknown

Don't Worry He'll Finish The Job

FAILS whoops gifs fire funny gasoline - 7712757760
Created by Unknown

Why Not Both?

disaster girl gasoline - 7316877568
Created by Unknown

Just Fuel for My Rage!

fuel gas gas station gasoline - 7289512192
Created by dkegley870

Scumbag Gas

scumbag fuel gas gas prices gasoline - 6901904640
Created by Unknown

Make Sure You Ground Yourself First

drink fire gasoline Yahoo Answer Fails - 5117763328
Created by Unknown

Ninjas and Drug Filled Watermelons

fire gasoline gifs historiclol makes sense to me ninjas watermelons wtf - 4998969344
Created by Unknown
barack obama gas station gasoline Video - 19991553


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Insanity Wolf: Friends are like trees

gasoline Insanity Wolf trees wood - 4580242688
See all captions Created by shoemaker91


flying gasoline Historical wtf - 2521790976
See all captions Created by B-S


gasoline - 840799488
See all captions Created by bukithd
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