Tweets roast people who would put gasoline in bags, gas shortage

Gas Shortage Inspires Rumors of Bagged Gasoline & Roasty Tweets

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Much Better

Funny meme about a car's tank being empty, but looking like it has some left when you look at it from a different angle
Via LeoSenior


Caption that reads, "Y'all still pay for gas? Y'all dumb" above a pic of a gas dial that's been taped up to 'full'
Via Joojoobee11
Funny memes about dogs, dating, makeup, food, drinking, gas, alcohol, the office, weekends, friends, hurricane irma, hurrican katia, hurricane jose, hurricane harvey, summer, fall, leaves, pumpkins.

42 Funny Memes To Help Cure Your Sunday Blues

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Getting Gas in America be Like

fat gas america - 8750672128

When You Are Waiting For Your Paycheck

Via GIFs Boom

We're Taking the Car, But We're Walking

funny memes flintstones gas over five dollars

Putting Gas In The Car is Hard

FAIL gifs gas cars - 8433758976
Via Oh Ma GIF


silent hill gas - 6695484928
By Unknown

The 19th Hole is a Doozy

wtf golf FAIL mindwarp gifs gas - 8517858560
By Unknown

Gas Rifle

guns mindwarp gifs gas rifles science - 8494996224
By anselmbe

Smells Like Paradise

gas me gusta Rage Comics - 6295600384
By goldenapparatus

Gas Limbo

driving gas money - 8434473472
By death_by_rage

A Good Reason to Have a Drink

beer is cheaper than gas
Via Emmannem

Light On Fuel

mindwarp gifs gas cars lift - 8427098880
By ToolBee

So Close

rage so close gas im-watching-you driving - 8417821440
By Unknown
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