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A Lush Bunch of Plant Memes For Houseplant Enthusiasts

A massive amount of guilt is settling into my body as I write these words. It's true. I haven't watered my aloe in a very, very long time. And I don't think it's been getting much sun. I can see it now: crispy, crunchy, parched and depressed . This is why I'm not allowed to have nice things. Specifically plants. My apartment will never be one of those plant-filled havens we see so often on Instagram. I'll never be able to take care of a fiddle leaf fig or take selfies with shelves of carefully…
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Funny memes for plant lovers, plants, plant memes, houseplants, gardening

A Flourishing Garden of Memes For Plant People

Plant people are everywhere these days - especially the kind of people who revel in making their indoor spaces lush with green (or purple) plants both large and small. Some of my own friends have rooms so filled with vegetation that I come home with a couple sprigs of lord knows what in my hair or on my clothing. It seems like they need a bigger room to accommodate their green friends - or perhaps a whole ass greenhouse. Judging by the plant memes we've been seeing all over the internet, this c…
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32 Memes For Plant-Obsessed People

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A Bunch Of Plant Memes For Flexers of Green Thumbs

Lucky you.
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At Home with Ra-Horticulture

wtf mindwarp gifs gardens - 8499520000
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Wait, The Garden Makes Dogs Disappear?!

dogs gifs gardens magic - 8289074432
Created by Unknown

If You Can't Handle The Heat Get Outta The Rhubarb

wtf gifs grandmas gardens - 8076596736
Created by kiwiangel

The Pathways Eventually Collapse Reality Into Itself

wtf gardens funny - 7876089856
Created by Unknown

You Should Probably Rethink Your Garden Name

memories gardens - 7755615488
Created by Unknown

Spring in Detroit

wtf cars gardens funny - 7668986880
Created by beernbiccies

Garden in The Trunk

wtf cars gardens funny - 7387331584
Created by Unknown

Insanity Wolf Can't See Color Anyway

color gardens Insanity Wolf murder roses - 5934626304
See all captions Created by Unknown

That's no gnome!

gardens parents Yahoo Answer Fails - 4495207168
Created by Unknown

Wrong Category, Bro

bro gardens phone Yahoo Answer Fails - 4401106432
Created by Toasty.Toast