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KFC's Dating Sim Has Twitter Both Horny & Confused

KFC announced yesterday that they are releasing a dating sim game on Steam and people on Twitter are responding both incredulously and lustfully at the news. The game, called I Love You Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator, is set for a September 24th release, and features Japanese-style animation, as well as an unsettlingly hot depiction of a young Colonel Sanders. 

According to KFC, the game features multiple hours of gameplay, recipes, and a secret ending. Players will be able to choose one of nine characters to attend culinary school with the fried chicken zaddy, in the hopes of becoming his business partner or, uh, lover. We'll admit that the premise of this game is somewhat disturbing, but we're both intrigued and weirdly into the animated Sanders. According to these Twitter reactions, we're definitely not alone. 

Funny Twitter reactions to KFC's Colonel Sanders dating sim
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