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A Nostalgia-Tinged Thread About Obsolete Tech for Millennials Who Want to Feel Old

Seems like just yesterday I was playing snake on my indestructible Nokia 3310 and asking my parents to buy me a clear glacier GameBoy Advance. Now they're literally putting Microsoft Zunes and iMac G3s in museums. If you needed another reason to feel old, this Twitter thread full of nostalgic pictures of old tech will take you on a trip down memory lane. What was up with all the colorful transparent hardware in the 90s? And can we bring that back? Today's world of slick, elegant design could use
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'Vintage' Video Game Ads For A Dose Of Nostalgia

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I Gotta Know

Tumblr pic of an old game boy featuring a fat Pikachu figurine next to a Gameboy DS with a skinnier Pikachu figurine; Tumblr user comments, "Old school vs. new school - Pikachu, what's your secret?"
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Very Jealous of This Lucky Soul That Found Their Old (Still Working) Pokémon Edition Gameboy!

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Little Else Tops Those Original Game Mods...

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First World Anarchists Be Like

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Nothing Obliterated AAs With More Devastating Efficiency

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Best Portable Game Experience

video games gameboy funny - 7777791232
By daniandan

That's Probably a Yes

gameboy - 8206196224
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Not Valued That Highly

value girlfriend gameboy funny - 8444467456
By Unknown

Why Not Both?

ads gameboy nintendo - 8315798272
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It's the End for Me

diarrhea gameboy - 7303287552
By Unknown

Gameboy Gamepad

want gifs phone gameboy - 6972746752
By Unknown

Anywhere, Anytime

Ad gameboy classic - 6881277696
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Friend and Link Cable Not Included

forever alone Pokémon gameboy - 6743782656
By TedTheViking

How To Get Someone's Attention

animation anime bazooka gameboy gifs - 6392434688
By meganeguard (Via Kurobon)
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