game monopoly rich - 6525405440
Created by SSgtTherrien

Richter Belmont Totally Looks Like Fabio Jr.

funny game TLL - 6294740736
Created by Grindguy

Magda from Diablo 3 Totally Looks Like Rita Repulsa

funny game TLL TV - 6392102144
Created by jcsjosh

Green Vespa Scooter Totally Looks Like Wheelie Scooter (Kirby Air Ride)

funny game TLL - 6500188928
Created by XxLightsx3

Axton from Borderlands 2 Totally Looks Like MMA Fighter Kenny Florian

funny game mma TLL - 6490393088
Created by Unknown

Good Game. Good Pun. Great Combo.

ahead cards double meaning game head literalism - 6453474304
Via Punblr

These are the Dangers of the Internet, Little Derp

game omg run Rage Comics scary - 6440790528
Created by Unknown


game hilarious mine sweeper - 4931529984
Created by ngoline

Seriously, Can I Change My Birthday?

birthday game pikmin Rage Comics - 6416802304
Created by spawnsolo


game hilarious not real stranger wake up - 6402511360
Created by littledevil9

Tube Table Tennis

awesome game ping pong table tennis wtf - 6393548544
Created by Unknown


bad idea game hilarious old timey - 4979728640
Created by chewy00

A Grenade Even? Swoon!

blade bruno mars game Memes saw - 6394264832
Created by Jazzure

Danny Zuko (John Travolta in Grease) Totally Looks Like Butch DeLoria (Fallout 3)

actor celeb fallout 3 funny game grease john travolta TLL - 6309251072
Created by Unknown

Rupees Totally Looks Like Fruit Gushers

food funny game Hall of Fame money TLL - 6355914240
Created by kitteh997

Just When I Thought I Was Out I Go Directly Back to Jail

best of week From the Movies game Movie - 6349463040
Created by Unknown