The Original Valentine's Day is Stupid Anyway!

bender futurama Valentines day - 8040886528
By Unknown

Note to Self: Do Not Take Dating Advice From Bender

bender socially awesome awkward penguin futurama - 8038494976
By Unknown

2014 H-D Streetglide Totally Looks Like Futurama Network Execubots

totally looks like robots futurama - 8009107200
By Unknown

Summoning the Old Gods...

futurama Fan Art why not zoidberg - 8005930752
By Unknown

The Smell Ranger Totally Looks Like Prof. Farnsworth's Smell-o-scope

futurama technology - 7944669696
By MuneGurl87

Let's See How Crazy I am Today?

dancing futurama gifs - 7900886016
By Unknown

This is Simply Gamers

futurama gamers gifs the internets reality - 7908453888
By Unknown

Every Time, Zoidberg

gifs futurama Zoidberg funny - 7863499776
By Unknown

Always Check Your Back, Mate

assassins Team Fortress 2 futurama - 7737563648
By totaljuan.insfran (Via nukermagazine)
futurama TF2 - 53351425

Robot Hell Is in TF2

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Robot Humor

innuendo robots futurama funny - 7725573120

Bart Is Voiced by a Female? Mind Blown.

disney muppets South Park simpsons futurama - 7724277760
By Unknown

This Outdoor Security Light Totally Looks Like "Roboto" from Futurama

lights totally looks like robots futurama funny - 7701513216
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Clever Link

futurama fry funny - 7682569472
By Unknown

Is That Zapp?

zapp brannigan wtf futurama funny - 7668251392
By beernbiccies

Do You Like My Photos... Or Do You LIKE Like My Photos?

not sure if fry meme Memes futurama - 7629244160
By Unknown