Nto Srue

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Dr. Zoidberg Would Be Mad Creepy in Real Life

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Futurama Had the Best Meta-Humor

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Need a Monster? Why Not Zoidberg?

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The Worst Possible Role Model

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We're Peaceful, We Promise!

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One Or The Other

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Wow, Cannot Unsee

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17-Year-Old Russian Powerlifter Yulia Vins Was Definitely in That One Episode of Futurama

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Not What I Meant, Professor!

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The Worst Part of Twitch Plays Pokémon

futurama gifs twitch plays pokemon - 8074166784

The Original Valentine's Day is Stupid Anyway!

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Note to Self: Do Not Take Dating Advice From Bender

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2014 H-D Streetglide Totally Looks Like Futurama Network Execubots

totally looks like robots futurama - 8009107200

Summoning the Old Gods...

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The Smell Ranger Totally Looks Like Prof. Farnsworth's Smell-o-scope

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Created by MuneGurl87