Sounds Like He's Going on a Bender...

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Futurama IRL Intro

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Futurama is Back, and It's Self-Aware...

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Get the Score Cards Ready

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While I Was Still Killing Them

Death fry futurama zapp brannigan - 6335669248
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He Forgot Me a Long Ago

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Michael Fassbender

bender futurama Hall of Fame homophone literalism surname - 6321594880
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This Fact Is Pretty Okay

faith in humanity fry futurama neutral youtube - 6295970816
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Ikea Oven Mitt Adventures

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Zoidberg Before Zoidberg

alien futurama Raisins (Super F raisins-super-fuuuu sci fi Zoidberg - 6254592768
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Truly the Future

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Alien from "The Last Starfighter" Totally Looks Like Zoidberg from "Futurama"

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I Don't Want to Play This Game Anymore

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My Bandwidth Is Thiiiiiis Big

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Either Way I'm Sure It's HR Inape-propriate

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Can't Tell If a Sign of the Times...

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