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Influencer Gets Roasted for Incriminating Herself After Armored Car Spills Cash Onto Freeway

Free money or felony waiting to happen?
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Funny dad makes joke about mom's gargling, sex joke, dirty joke, naughty

Quick-Witted Dad Makes Dirty Joke and Mom's Not Mad About It

It's almost always disturbing to hear parents talk about “the old” days and their naughty exploits. But sometimes, they do it in a way that's so funny we can let it slide.
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Channel 5's Coverage of the Utah Rap Festival is Absolute Madness

If you were a fan of All Gas No Brakes and haven't watched Andrew Callaghan's new series Channel 5 yet, you really need to start with this recent special on the Utah Rap Festival. In this 15-minute highlight from Channel 5's full episode on Patreon, the youth of Salt Lake City impart us with invaluable wisdom, such as 'f-ck the mormons b-tch!' The chaotic energy in this video is agitating and addictive at the same time—at times it hurts to watch and yet you can't look away. Channel 5 is a gratif
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Mesmerizingly Dumb Video Shows People Repeatedly Trip Over Basketball Court

Mind the step…
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Burger King Overrun With Burger Queens After Musical Trend Takes Off

Pop punk’s not dead
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Man Ruins Dad’s Surprise Party, Gets Caught On Camera

Birthday drama.
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High School Bans Backpacks, Students Retaliate With Inventive Alternatives

The book stroller really helps with shoulder pain.
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Spoof Of Stereotypical Movie Sex Scene Points Out Their Total Ridiculousness

Hope they have home insurance.
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Man Experiences Chaos At The Self-Checkout After A Cat Sits On His Groceries

There’s nothing like the unique brand of stress that comes with using a store’s self-checkout . Not only do you have to scan and bag everything by yourself, you have to deal with the whims of a temperamental retail robot and sometimes stand there for minutes at a time waiting for an actual staff member if things go wrong. Mistakes happen often, but they’re not always unwelcome. When @reecebrierley1 went to get groceries, he probably wasn’t expecting any of his items to be alive. Yet in a video …
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Cracked remade lord of the rings for $20

We Remade Lord of the Rings For Only $20

Budget at its best.
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Dad Pulls Off The Ultimate Prank After Catching Son Sneaking Out

There are few tougher roles out there than being a good parent , and that can be especially true when dealing with the troubles of adolescence. Having to pull up your kids on bad behavior can be a difficult task, but it isn’t half as bad when you can enjoy yourself with it. This was the logic used by @rhythmlessman when he realized that his son had snuck out with friends that evening. Instead of waiting up to reprimand him, he let technology do the talking for him. Rigging his Amazon Echo to tu…
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People Are Exposing Their Inexhaustible Thirstiness With The ‘Me Tryna Hit’ Trend

From grand romantic gestures to classic 3am “u up?” texts, there’s no telling the lengths that some people will go in the pursuit of getting laid . There’s a reason that sex is at the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs, and it relates to the fact that there’s an entire genre of memes out there dedicated to being horny. Now, they have a new entry which acknowledges how tryhard we can be in the talking stage. ‘Me Tryna Hit’ has emerged as a popular format on TikTok , with users miming to the sound …
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Guy Flees Ambulance, Prompts Speculation And Jokes

No healthcare for you sir.
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funny video of adam sandler playing pickup game of basketball goes viral, long island, fashion, baggy clothing

Adam Sandler Impresses Twitter After Pickup Basketball Game Goes Viral

He's got skills.
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Funny video from Casually Explained: America

Casually Explained: America Is Filled With Arguably Accurate Roasts

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Funny video and reactions to Harrison ford magic trick, card trick with David Blaine, get the fuck out of my house

Harrison Ford's Reaction To A David Blaine Magic Trick Goes Viral

He's a national treasure.
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