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funny texts | tweet by Maurice @mo87mo87 most embarrassing email exchange ever had Sent an email They replied called Mautice reply with stink about my name is properly spelled and s actually really important They told check my 1st email had misspelled my own name. Paul Watson @paulmwatson Replying mo87mo87 should do Greta Oh no "Sharon" Thunberg and rename Mautice. My most embarrassing reply-all client saying client is bit huff

Twitter Users Bond Over Their Most Embarrassing Email Fails

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Funny tweets about the most dad things people have done in the year 2019 | Ryan Nanni @celebrityhottub As do every Father's Day is time us share most Dad thing did this year Being father is not requirement participate will go first developed extensive opinions about dried fruit options. | Ray Schmitt @r_aymo Replying celebrityhottub Told my wife all water toys don't need be our front yard every day let kids neighborhood kill someone else's grass could barely believe said 1:26 PM 6/16/19 Twitter

45 Paternal Souls Share The Most 'Dad' Things They've Done This Year

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African movie posters that are hand painted due to licensing issues, space jam, mrs doubtfire, jurassic park, michael jackson | tweet by Retr0Joe thread African Movie Posters Due licensing and printing costs, some African theaters gave task artists paint posters movies being shown Some artists had no reference movie they drawing so some just guessed Here are my favourites.. SPACE JAM MICHAEL JORDAN BUGS BUNNY badly drawn characters movie poster

Twitter Thread Reveals Bizarre Genius Of Painted African Movie Posters

Get ready for some epic masterpieces.
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Funny Twitter thread from Natalie Weiner about people with dirty names, people with naughty names | Natalie Weiner @natalieweiner Replying natalieweiner those us with offensive last names are here and will not be silenced Kyle Medick @medick32 38s Replying natalieweiner get this lot surprisingly James @justjames8 48s Replying natalieweiner As person named James Butts know these problems.

Funny Thread Turns Into Support Group For People With Dirty Names

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Funny twitter thread about dating experiences | tweet by bikiniraptor Replying postgrad_barty He brought his ex with him on date then later told she didn't like my personality LOL

Twitter Users Share The Absolute Weirdest Dates They've Been On

Brace yourselves.
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Funny twitter thread about Dan Sheehan ordering a sweater and receiving knitting materials and yarn, funny tweets and puns about knitting | tweet by ltsDanSheehan Losing my mind because ordered thought very affordable wool sweater like Chris Evans Knives Out obviously Norwegian website and got raw materials necessary create said sweater myself. they ikead sweater oh my god fucking dying at this Or dyeing

Accidental Yarn Purchase Inspires Hilarious Pun-Filled Twitter Thread

Darn it.
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funny twitter thread about adopting a dog in Skyrim

Classic Twitter Thread Riffs On The Insanity Of Skyrim Adoptions

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