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A compilation of passable memes, tweets, and tumblr posts.

A Cornucopia Of Salvageable Memes

It's not much, but it's what we have.
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A list of funny reviews from the film reviewing site, Letterboxd.

Crazy Letterboxd Reviews For Film Kids

Anybody can be Roger Ebert these days, and it's all because of a little app called Letterboxd. Letterboxd allows movie fans to leave their own reviews without any gatekeeping. These reviews range from extensive, lengthy analyses to short quips. The app has gained massive popularity over the past couple of years, and with that, funny reviews have transcended into memes. The most iconic Letterboxd review that has turned into a meme was a review for Joker (2019), where the reviewer claimed, “This…
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housing, apartments, underground, design, architecture, design fail, funny twitter

Dude Gets Dunked On For Proposing Housing Developers Start Building Underground

Who needs windows?
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resume, job interview, job, funny, funny twitter, email, mistake, dog, steve jobs

Job Applicant Tries to Send Resume to Employer, Sends Dog Pic Instead

At least it was funny
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fashion, dress, marilyn monroe, kim kardashian, met gala, damage, funny twitter, new meme, funny

Fashionistas Don't Want Kim Kardashian Touching These Iconic Fits After The Met Gala in Pearl-Clutching New Meme

Whatever would Marilyn think?
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memes, history memes, history, high school, funny memes, class, teacher, funny twitter, twitter thread

History Teacher Has Students Make Memes For Extra Credit, Spicy Takes Ensue

No lies detected.
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laundry, product, chores, video, product fail, funny twitter, injury

Vacuum-Powered Laundry Chute Prompts Innuendos And Confusion From Twitter

No body parts allowed
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Article Covering Diet Coke Fans Devotional Loyalty To The Drink and Why They Think Quitting Is Not Worth It

Diet Coke Fans Rally Behind Man Who Says Quitting The Soda Took Away His "One Source of Joy"

Everyone has those little things to help them get through the day. Whether it's coffee, cigarettes, or chocolate, sometimes a little treat is just what you need to take the edge off. But there will always be those nosy people in your ear telling you that your greatest daily joy is "unhealthy" or "definitely going to kill you one day." That can be a real bummer, but after enough badgering, you might start believing them and consider quitting. This begs the question, is potentially improving your…
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Article Recapping Viral Twitter Thread Where Entrepreneur Told Teens To Knock On Strangers Doors For Career Advice

Entrepreneur Tells Teens to Knock on Rich Stranger's Doors to Advance Their Careers

Career advice can go wrong so quickly. On the one hand, there's your grandpa telling you to go to the office of your local Fortune 500 company, give the desk receptionist a firm handshake, and as for a job. On the other hand, LinkedIn influencers are infiltrating all corners of social media, giving inspirational speeches about how with a little bit of elbow grease, anyone has the potential to be mistreated by their boss. This case is a strange combination of the two; it's where boomer and influ…
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science, maths, humans, central park, weird, wtf, population, new york, funny twitter, twitter

Hypothetical Human Population Meatball Prompts Horror And Jokes From Twitter

Now we know
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lgbt, lgbtq, gay rights, pride month, pride, twitter, funny twitter, business, corporate, twitter meme

All The Best “I’m Partnering With” Pride Month Tweets That Skewer LGBTQIA+ Corporatization

Deliciously cynical
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bait, obvious bait, dumb, stupid people, twitter, funny twitter

Foolish People Who Fell Hook, Line, And Sinker For Bait

Read the room
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dvd, dvds, movies, commentary, twitter, funny twitter, director, informative

People Lament The Demise Of The DVD Commentary Track

Bring it back
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professor, teacher, teaching, deadline, assignment, funny twitter, twitter, lol

Pissed-Off Professor’s Rant To Students Wins Admiration Of The Internet

I felt that.
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fast food, order, receipt, apology, delivery, takeout, fast food worker, funny, funny twitter

Stoned Food Industry Worker Prompts Hilarity With Apologetic Delivery Order

"I know you're about to make the f*ck outta this Philly"
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zoom, meeting, work, job, dog, yorkie, pet, funny twitter

Man Lets Dog Join A Zoom Meeting, Accidentally Gives Him A New Favorite Pastime

Your business = your dog's business
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