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Woman who is a dietician writes a long and creative review of Brach's Turkey dinner candy corn, gross, gross food, bad food, lol, thanksgiving dinner, green beans, stuffing, coffee, turkey

Brave Dietician Reviews Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy

Some things shouldn't exist. And we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Brach's ‘Turkey Dinner' candy corn bags fall into that category. As a passionate hater of all things candy corn, this confection's existence shakes me to my core. And yet, it piqued my curiosity in a different way than Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans. Jelly Belly's take on a Harry Potter creation consists of their classically delicious flavors mixed in with some seriously heinous flavor profiles like vomit, earwax,…
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reddit, funny comments, funny, social media, askreddit, funny threads | Time freezes 48 hours and only thing not affected do choose do? Brassknuckletime 3h Crime Reply 314 OneSchott 1h So much crime. 153 Canduffi 1h So so much crime 29 KillerChicken506 1h so so so much crime 18 MemeLocationMan 1h So So So So much crime 10 TrippyAT 1h So so so so so much crime

People Confess To What They'd Do With 48 Hours Of Frozen Time

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ask reddit, funny, 2020, quarantine, pandemic, funny comments, clever, witty reply, covid-19, alcohol, funny threads, reddit thread | r/AskReddit u/ggfchl go up bartender and tell him Make 2020 drink does he make? snowballer918 6h 14 Awards Pours everything 's spilled on bar mat into shot glass.

People Imagine What 2020 Would Look Like As A Cocktail

No one in their right mind would order these cursed drinks
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funny askreddit thread about the worst birthday gifts people have ever received | JPO_5x5 11h 8 Awards 8 years old growing sunflowers with my mom one summer. My aunt decided get some fertilizer flowers my birtbday. On my birthday unwrapped my present and saw looked like tub vanilla ice cream, but opened there literal horse shit.

20 Disappointed People Describe The Worst Birthday Gifts They Ever Received

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Funny story from facebook, funny thread about dad's ashes that became solidified, funny advice | some ashes out air has gotten into and ashes have basically solidified into big square brick she putting some his ashes into my jar she had CHISEL AT HIS ASHES get enough put jar can't stop laughing. Does anyone know break ashes back up doesn't involve chisel or putting pillowcase and driving over with car (my mums other suggestion can't were meant scatter them into ocean and my mum said can either

Advice Thread On How To Deal With Solidified Human Ashes Is Comedy Gold

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