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Man finds giant texas redheaded centipede in daughter's room, twitter thread, scary, funny

Dude Finds Giant Centipede In Daughter's Room & Horrifies People With the Footage

Oh hell no
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twitter thread, funny thread, comments, funny tweets, lemonade, parenting, kids, scam, money

People Are Taking a Kid's Lemonade Hustle Way Too Seriously

Typical Twitter
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Funny twitter thread from Canadian Mohammad Hussein celebrating Christmas for the first time, lol, funny tweets, Justin Trudeau reply | Hussain Growing up, my Muslim family never celebrated Christmas. This year I arm not going home, because pandemic so my rwnmates are teaching me how to have my first proper Christmas. I am approaching this with anthropological precision. Here are a few observations. Observation I: Christmas is a part time job that you have from mid- November to the end of

Thread: 'Christmas Virgin' Shares Funny Outsider Observations About The Holiday

Well, he's not wrong.
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Funny story from facebook, funny thread about dad's ashes that became solidified, funny advice | some ashes out air has gotten into and ashes have basically solidified into big square brick she putting some his ashes into my jar she had CHISEL AT HIS ASHES get enough put jar can't stop laughing. Does anyone know break ashes back up doesn't involve chisel or putting pillowcase and driving over with car (my mums other suggestion can't were meant scatter them into ocean and my mum said can either

Advice Thread On How To Deal With Solidified Human Ashes Is Comedy Gold

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funny twitter thread showing how star wars characters make their coffee | Violet Wilson @ViWiWrites Star Wars Characters and they make their coffee thread Obi Wan makes French press coffee and gently uses just weight his hand lower filter, so sediment isn't overly disturbed and acidity is controlled. | Rey only drinks gas station coffee with hazelnut creamer and she does not understand why everyone is all up arms about

Twitter Thread Assigns Star Wars Characters To Coffee-Making Techniques

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funny twitter thread about english museum of rural english life finding a bat in their bookstore book archive library | tweet by Museum English Rural Life @TheMERL Following So found live bat our rare book store thread

Cute Thread About Museum Discovering A Bat In Their Library

Positively batty.
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