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Ignorant People Who Don't Understand Human Anatomy

We're doomed as a species.
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Gen Z Moments That Are Either Next-Level Cringe or Masterful Satire

We can't tell at this point
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Tweets & Screenshots That Capture the Quirks Of Online Dating

We're all in this together
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Captivating Character Arcs & Plot Twists Summed Up in 20+ Pics

Screenshots that tell a whole story
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kids, youtube, funny kids, funny comments, youtube comments, funny screenshots, childhood, memes |  No More Saying Cuss Words Guys! Its Inappropriate and Violent! | new car bad photoshop picture of a kid inside a car

Funny & Wholesome Times Kids Tried To Use The Internet

Kids commenting on YouTube = comedy gold
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25 Misspellings & Malapropisms That Led to Accidental Comedy

Bone Apple Tea
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No Spam On My Feed, Please

On-stagnant Add a comment... 44 m,nutes ago o SPAM Brand Australia Sponso red Report ad Why are you this ad? I find it offensive It's spam It's sexuall Hide ad Report ad About Instagram ads Thanks for this ad We won't show it to you again. We'll review the ad to determine whether it violates our ads ENDIicy. Thanks for helping us keep Instagram safe. Learn More atx»ut Ads ina
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funny texts, text messages, funny memes, memes, text messages, dms, funny dms, direct messages, tinder, instagram, lol | Landlord There's family rats living my bathroom! No pet allowed building Also rent is due | Hey Riley Now group project is over wondering if maybe wanted hang out more u Riley Hey had fun doing project but have boyfriend! RA Dev Arjun sent this project group chat adownbadpatrol Lauren L MY GOD Ellie ES FEEL SO BAD BUT HAHAHA

21 Very Funny & Very Fake Text Message Memes

These memes are like amusing mini short stories
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kids, youtube, funny comments, memes, funny kids, funny screenshots, childhood | TheOdd1sOut O @theodd1sout Everyone waiting Nevada numbers: Nevada: K 2s Replying theoda Tsout do mean or this joke dont get because am child | make yourself colorblind 163 views 9. 4 Share Download Save

25 Little Kids Badly Navigating The Internet

Mom, come collect your child
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