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19 Spicy Amazon Reviews That Bring The Heat

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14 WTF Amazon Reviews That Deserve An Award For Their Absurdity

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Bamboozled U

Caption that reads, "When you sign on to Amazon and rate all the vacuums as one star" above a pic of a dog sitting at a computer wearing a hacker sweatshirt
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16 Hilarious Amazon Reviews That Are Way Better Than The Actual Products

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Weirdly Endearing?

Person who got arrested reviews the Topeka Police Department positively
Via YouAreDrunk

Needs To Do Better

Fake review of the sun, where the reviewer says that it's too damn bright, and gives it two out of five stars
Via ericaashley

Well, They've Got My Support

Sign outside of a coffee shop that reads, "Come in and try the worst coffee one woman on Trip Adviser had in her life"
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