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Chaotic & Comedic Posts From the Wild World of Tumblr

Tumblr's been name-checked pretty frequently lately, for a few different reasons. Allegedly, nudity and pornography are making a return to the site. Tumblr made the controversial move to ban porn back in 2018, due to the app's removal from the iOs app store. The decision caused quite a bit of controversy , so users have been excited for the return of boobies and erotic fan art. As Twitter users join the mass exodus from the bird app, many people have been touting Tumblr as the next-best thing -…
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Funny posts from Best of NextDoor

Funny Times Nextdoor Brought the Petty to the Neighborhood

Out here in New York City, most of us have too many neighbors to bother getting to know them. or communicate with anyone. While there are a few neighborhood or block associations that strive to bring the community together, but they can be pretty insular. People in my neighborhood don't use sites like Nextdoor to communicate. It's usually a quick "How ya doin?" or, when something is amiss, a quick complaint session on the sidewalk. Thanks to the Internet, we know that this is not the case in th…
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Funny and cringey photoshop fails, catfishing, cringeworthy, yikes | see happens stay on grind Jalen Skutt @JalenSkutt Did door hit gym too? | Don't hate her cause she has curves just say prayer poor horse.

Photo Editing Failures From People Who Should Watch a Photoshop Tutorial

This is why Photoshop tutorials exist.
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Amusing Tidbits and Tales From the Depths of Tumblr

These never get old
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Funny posts that are technically true

Technically True Posts That Are Hard to Argue With

Have you ever been destroyed by a deviously clever comeback or 'brutal fact' that feels totally wrong but still can't be argued with ? We're talking about the kind of remark that feels illogical or stupid but is technically true and makes you want to simultaneously give the finger to and high five the person who uttered it? You've got to know what we're talking about. And if you're not in the know, then you're probably missing out on the delicious comedy of r/technicallythetruth . The subreddit…
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Funny times old people failed at social media

Funny Posts From Old People Who Haven't Mastered Social Media

They're so special.
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Comedy Gold From the Perfectly Petty World of 'Nextdoor'

"When neighbors start talking, good things happen"
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depths of wikipedia, wikipedia, interesting, funny, weird, fun facts, memes, funny posts

Amusingly Weird Gems Found in the Depths of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a goldmine of strange & funny facts
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relationships, funny, weird, relationship advice, confessions, dating, funny posts, funny reddit thread, reddit, marriage, memes, lol, wtf, family

Quirky, Unusual and Oddly Specific Relationship Problems

People who sought relationship advice for amusingly weird situations
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Funny and spicy reaction memes, lol, humor

Spicy Reaction Memes For Responding to People Who Shouldn't Post

We've all seen dreadful and cringey posts on the internet. Sometimes they're political. Other times they're just overshares or opinions that are dumb as hell. At their worst, they're straight up offensive. You know, incel shit or bigotry. When we see posts that are incredibly bad, it can leave you at a loss for words. And that's when reaction memes come in. The brash and incredulous imagery really just says it all. And today we are presenting you with some extra spicy ones to add to your arsena…
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Funny memes and tweets, twitter, stupid memes, dank memes, truth, reddit memes, funny | earth in space: If human population held hands around equator significant portion them would drown | comic brain speaking to sleeping person: Hey goin sleep? Yes, now shut up Jesus T-posed save humanity

Funny Posts That Are Technically (And Annoyingly) True

They've got a point.
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Funny memes and jokes that are technically true.

Technically True Memes & Jokes That We Really Can't Argue With

Pretty damn accurate.
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specific, truth, lie, twitter, reddit, funny, wtf, suspiciouslyspecific

Overly Particular Posts That Are Doing A Bad Job Of Hiding Things

Up to a point, we can be anybody we want to be on social media . Sure, we might have the ever present threat of doxxing looming over our heads, but with enough canny characterization you can still live out your wildest alternative life. However, this is not the choice of most people, who instead decide to be themselves up to a fault. While they might distance themselves with certain things, they can’t help spilling the beans on minute details of their life — even when they probably shouldn’t. T…
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cringe, cringeworthy, embarrassing, sad cringe, funny posts, cringey memes, embarrassing, funny cringe, facepalm, yikes, oh god why, funny comments, reddit, facebook, twitter | Not sure if this is funny or cringe, but here goes >Do my squats 210 KB PNG >Make an audible fart trio young girls behind are giggling >Try play cool Hey, at least got this entire area myself shout at them while smiling >They look at with confusion and one them goes Well now smells bad here so nobody will disturb Um are

Unfortunate Posts That Really Bring the Cringe

Some truly facepalm-worthy moments
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15 Trashy Moments & People With No Shame

Big yikes
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funny tumblr, tumblr memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, funny memes, memes, funny posts, clever | actual heck @jazz_inmypants 's funny spotify ads try get buy peloton bike or tickets broadway show like buddy if had 5 extra dollars why would be listening commercials right now | unfollower peekaboo is essentially just making fun babies not understanding object permanence hamfootsia made fun babies less 403,395 notes

Clever Posts From The Poets Of Tumblr & Twitter

Text posts can be memes too
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