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Fake sign of free dog names, that lists different absurd dog names including "Sand" and "Dr. Mustache"
Via tacosharks

Please I'm Begging You

Sign that reads, "What kind of train eats too much? A chew chew train ahahaha. Omg please call me I'm so lonely, I need friends"
Via jshelbs
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Funny honest movie posters.

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Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!!

Pics of a dog trying to catch a fry in his mouth with Snapchat caption that reads, "The faces of my dog trying to catch a fry"
Via kerrykitty

Hey, At Least They're Honest?

Pic of a road sign that reads, "Local police are now targeting: Anything to raise revenue"
Via PrincessTrunks

Well, That's One Way To Teach It

PIc of someone giving a presentation on "fidget spinner theology"
Via Joojoobee11
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faces found in mundane things

14 Times Mundane Things Looked Creepily Like Human Faces

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