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Funny twitter thread about fucked up family

20+ Funny & Disturbing Stories of Family Antics

Childhood - especially with siblings - can be pretty nuts. And we're not sure if kids are nuts simply because of their imaginations or if they're just regular people without a seasoned moral compass. Either way, this Twitter thread from @lukasbattle leaves us feeling like our families' squabbles were very, very normal. From tales of sleepwalking sisters wielding knives to tying up a little brother and locking him in the basement, these stories are sure to make you laugh - and may very well cree…
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Rule-Breaking Rebels With No Respect for Authority

These first world anarchists do not give a flying frick
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Funny viral photos of Santa Clara cross country team

Goofy Photos of the Santa Clara Men's Cross Country Team Are Going Viral

A slow clap is in order.
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Double-Take Worthy Accidental Optical Illusions Caught In the Wild

The mind is a trickster, often making us feel like something is not quite as it seems through easily deceived eyes. Optical illusions are all around us. We just don't really notice them unless they're frozen in time by a photograph. Because a picture is flat, it's easy for our brains to perceive them differently than they really are. That's why you should never trust images. But once you come to terms with the fact that every image is a lie, then you can start to really enjoy them. We've got a…
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Funny and cringey pics, cringe pics, sad pics, pathetic photos, weeaboos, katana, m'lady | Just lost custody my kids summer is about be fuckin lit Comment Hahahajajajajajaja

Sick and Sad Cringe Pics For Anyone Who Wants To Feel Bad

Forget wholesome content and happy memes . Sometimes we all need to scroll through a selection of cringey moments that can only be described as "dumpster fire." From horrible weeb posts to questionable and offensive fashion choices, we've got an awful lot of content that falls into this incredibly cursed category. But sometimes you need to give yourself up to the cringe and just lean in. You know, so we can all feel a bit better about ourselves.
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Weird and strange images wthat will make you go hmm

Weird & Wild Pics That Might Inspire Some Head Scratching

It's easy to feel a bit jaded by this world. Especially considering that with the advent of the Internet came the eventual ability to be able to answer any question we're stumped by, see anything we're curious about, and write down any/every stupid thought we have. Being able to know anything - and almost anything - kind of takes a lot of mystery and magic away from day-to-day life. Instead of sitting on this Amtrak train, admiring the lush environs of the Hudson Valley, I'm getting work done.…
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Technically Correct Test Answers That Deserve an A+ for Humor

Some kids are built for academic tests and some just aren't. But failing at a pop quiz doesn't necessarily mean a kid isn't smart. In fact, a certain kind of “ technically correct ” wrong answer is often a testament to a kid's cleverness. We've collected a bunch of funny examples of wrong exam answers that still deserve an “A” for comedic genius in our eyes. Or at least a couple of pity points.
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Shameless First World Anarchists Who Broke Mundane Rules

Woah there
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Funny stupid moments from game shows

Silly and Stupid Game Show Moments That Made Us Lose Faith In Humanity

There are some people in this world who make you really feel good about your own intellectual capabilities. In other words, their stupidity is astounding. Unfortunately for these people, that stupidity was displayed on national television for everyone to witness. If these people are an indication of average intelligence, then we fear for the state of humanity. Yikes. Guess you don't have to be smart to get onto a game show, after all.
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Amusing Amazon Reviews That Deserve Five Stars for Comedy

Reviews that are funnier than they are helpful
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Rebellious Mad Lads Who Woke Up and Chose Chaos

Mad lads don't give a flying frick about society's rules. A true mad lad marches to the beat of their own drum. A mad lad looks for prohibition signs just so they can disobey them. A mad lad rarely complies, and when they do, they comply maliciously. We've collected a bunch of entertaining examples of mad lads who can't be reigned in.
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Delightfully Out of Context Screenshots From the 'Ace Attorney' Games

There are few games out there with the memetic shitposting power of gems like Ace Attorney . And if you're blindly jumping into this, wondering what the hell an “Ace Attorney” is, then you're probably not going to find this post very funny. But I'll lay down a bit of context anyway. Ace Attorney is a video game series first developed by Capcom in 2001. In the first game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the player must investigate legal cases and defend clients in court while assuming the roles of…
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Spicy Memes With Boredom-Crushing Abilities

Memes to cure bad bouts of boredom
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Glaring Reasons Why Jerks Shouldn't Be Allowed to Design Things

Companies that aren't afraid to stoop real low
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Funny 'King of the Hill' Memes for Dads Who Love Propane

I tell you hwhat, King of the Hill memes will never get old. There's something extra funny about a meme featuring Hank Hill, perhaps because a real-life Hank Hill would have no idea what the hell a meme is. He'd be one of those technologically challenged dads who confuses text messaging with Google search. Even though the iconic animated sitcom ended over a decade ago, King of the Hill is the gift that keeps on giving in the meme world. Keep scrolling for a bunch of weird King of the Hill memes…
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random memes, funny memes, dank memes, dumb memes, meme dump, memes, funny, lol, relatable memes, funny pics

A Joyous Jumble of Delightfully Dumb Memes

If you think you're bored, you better be grateful you weren't born before the internet was invented. Back in those dreary pre-meme days, kids had to walk up to twenty miles just to read a joke in the “joke” section in the back of the local paper. And the joke was never even good. Before the internet, people were forced to awkwardly stare at each other on public transportation and sometimes even make friendly conversation. That's right, it was normal to make small talk with random strangers. Bef…
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