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A list of some of the funniest tweets about parenting from Twitter this week.

The Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week (June 16, 2022)

Do you ever think about how crazy it is that you can just make a person? It is wild that people worldwide can create a human life with nothing more than their body and their time. And a big white bird depending on who you ask. While creating a person can take minimal effort, raising a person is full of chaos, madness, and confusion. Parenthood is a commitment of multiple decades where you get no days off and it can take over your life. One of the most common issues for parents is not having tim…
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Compilation List of Best and Funniest Parenting and Kid Themed Tweets From This Past Week

The Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week (June 9th, 2022)

Do you ever think about how kids are among the funniest demographic groups, but there are very few kid comedians? Children's unfiltered thoughts seem to pour out of them in hilarious ways before they get all bogged down with social skills, self-seriousness, and puberty. For those of us without little kids, we tend to miss out. Luckily for us, there is no shortage of parents on social media willing to share the darndest things their kids say. From dads enacting revenge on bullies through cartoon…
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The Funniest Parenting Tweets Of the Week (May 12, 2022)

It is my belief that parenting is kind of like some antidepressants. The idea of them, especially when advertised on TV, is great: I'm into the promise of less sulking, more action, and a relatively positive attitude. Functioning is something everyone wants to do. The happy-go-lucky advert with its upbeat music is alluring. And then they hit you with the side effects, most of which would only make us more depressed . There's weight gain, loss of sex drive, diarrhea or constipation (sometimes bo…
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The Funniest Parenting Tweets Of the Week (May 5, 2022)

It's a rough week to be searching for funny parenting content . While Twitter is usually overflowing with cute quips from tired child-rearers, this week has felt a bit more somber. Instead of sharing stories about cute kids and their hilarious failures , many parents are taking to the website to address the Roe v. Wade leak that occurred earlier this week (at the same time as the Met Gala ). Fortunately, we were able to wade through the politics and locate the funny tweets we all need right now…
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