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16 Times Dumb Kids Were Accidental Comedians

Tiny terrors. Maniacal minions. Kids, while sometimes a total blessing, give us all a run for our money and make insane asylums seem like a sexy vacation. At their worst, their meltdowns can bring us to tears. At their best, they melt our hearts. If we're lucky, they make us laugh with their histrionic tendencies, creative threats, and inventive spelling. This gallery of snot-nosed gold includes all of the above - and might help you laugh away the pain of being a parent.

Funny kids drawings, funny parenting tweets, kid art, inventive spelling, spoiled kids, crazy kids | tweet by Aubrey Hirsch @aubreyhirsch Kid my son's class explained she sure he has two moms because he has pretty mom and other mom She described each some detail. Reader, both are. So my daughter ripped her jacket yesterday and I told her wasn't fixing Well this is lil note she left If MY Coat not Fix came home I'm gonna Step on Crack Finish rest
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