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Cursed Humanoid Terrier Horrifies Twitter Just in Time for Halloween

There's been a lot of hilariously disturbing images of cursed dogs circulating on Twitter lately. Perhaps the internet is starting to really get into the spooky season. Last month there was that gaunt-looking pup peeking over a fence and making an expression that screamed 'I've seen some sh*t.' On Sunday @tyler02020202 brought back an all-time classic cursed image of a (likely photoshopped) Facebook post featuring a baldheaded terrier with strikingly human ears. Despite the fact that the image i
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Doggie Daycare Assistant Shares Exactly Why All Her Dogs Need Therapy

If you are a dog lover, chances are you appreciate their ability to seem happy pretty much all of the time. There are few purer joys in life than seeing a wagging tail, but just like a fourteen year old girl writing Tumblr poetry, there's often pain behind that smile. Tiktoker @officiallytheangelina works at a doggie daycare and has found viral fame describing the various issues of each of the dogs she cares for. Ranging from bog standard anxiety to an addiction to spinning in circles, the two …
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Funny and cute video of a husky being noisy in inappropriate situations

Adorable Husky Can't Help But Chime In Constantly

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Best Laid Plans...

Funny meme about procrastination on the internet | Hmmm today I will haha funny yellow doe
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Karen, You're Going To Have To Stop That

Caption that reads, "Me coming home at 3am and unloading all my issues on my dog" above a pic of a woman hugging a dog, who looks mildly confused and freaked out
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24 Hilarious Memes To Put You In Superb Spirits

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dog tweets about good boys

21 Dog Tweets That'll Reveal Exactly Who The Good Boys Are

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Dog Texts

16 Hilarious 'Dog Texts' That Perfectly Sum Up How Adorably Dumb Dogs Are

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50 Cute & Funny Dog Memes That'll Get Your Tail Wagging

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24 Dopey Dogs Who Failed Adorably At What They Were Bred For

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Just Some Positivity For Your Day!

Tweet from Thoughts of Dog that reads, "Sometimes the human presses their noggin against mine to figure out what I'm thinking, so I just think really hard abut how much I love them and hope they figure it out"
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18 Doofy Dogs Who Are Just Begging To Be Shamed

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28 Funky Memes That'll Improve Your Mood

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memes that are good enough to break up the monotony of the day

16 Humorous Memes That'll Break Up The Monotony In Your Day

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38 Rando Memes To Help You Forget About Monday's Impending Doom

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He Looks Real Smug

Leonardo Dicaprio tells Cillian Murphy in Inception that there's a dog behind him; Murphy asks what it looks like and Dicaprio mimes the dog's smug facial expression
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