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cringe, cringeworthy, embarrassing, sad cringe, funny posts, cringey memes, embarrassing, funny cringe, facepalm, yikes, oh god why, funny comments, reddit, facebook, twitter | Not sure if this is funny or cringe, but here goes >Do my squats 210 KB PNG >Make an audible fart trio young girls behind are giggling >Try play cool Hey, at least got this entire area myself shout at them while smiling >They look at with confusion and one them goes Well now smells bad here so nobody will disturb Um are

Unfortunate Posts That Really Bring the Cringe

Some truly facepalm-worthy moments
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Funny social media posts from boomers and other old people, elderly, geriatric, funny, cringe, fail, Facebook, Amazon, direct messages, texting | DON'T CARE GIPHY Write comment. Y'all can mom delete this comment? Someone's husband died and some reason commented this her |  My name is Maria and today is my 107 Birthday and nobody wants SHARE my post because am old Hi Maria, Happy birthday won't share because will not respond threats or bribes, Have great day

16 Old People Who Are Really Living It Up On The Facebook

Pure gold.
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Funny cringe pics, cringey social media posts, Facebook | Christians against dinosaurs 50 minutes ago So if dinosaur "bones" have been kept untouched millions years underground and are such "great" condition why do museums need plaster and wires keep them together? Did dinosaurs" also need plaster and wire bones wouldn't stick together on form If flesh gone 34 minutes ago Like ite 1 Do have proof claim? 33 minutes ago Like

18 Cringe Pics That Are Full Of Facepalm

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