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Comic about a girl who saw a really cute dog and starts crying about it; her boyfriend sees it too and they both start crying
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Random Memes

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The Mystery Has Been Solved!

Comic about a cow coming down at night to lick someone's hair, thus giving them a 'cowlick'
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The Most Annoying Comment Ever

Guy tells someone that they're so quiet, so guy says sorry and starts screaming afterward to make up for being quiet
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funny hannah hillam comics about harry potter.

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Funny and weird comics.

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Surely A Common Mistake

Comic of a 'Catholic meeting' with a guy who brought his cats and misread the sign
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It's All A Game Isn't It

Comic about two people trying to offer to pay for dinner, one says they were just trying to be polite and they don't actually have money
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Funny gaming comics.

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Make It Stop

Comic that says that country music makes plants grow faster, shows the plant trying to turn the music off
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Funny comics from One Giant Hand, pixelated boat.

19 Weird As Sh*t Comics From One Giant Hand

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A Vicious Cycle

Comic about eating cookies and milk
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Me Every Day

Comic about someone dwelling on a tiny mistake
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Oh No...

Funny web comic about a fortune teller, hentai.
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No Other Way To Put It

Cyanide and Happiness comic about one guy cheating on his friend's wife
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