Askreddit thread wants people to share their funeral horror stories, death, bad things at funerals, depressing | kellywithayy 11h O 1 Award My Mother Law took photo wine glass during lunch had after, and she posted on Facebook. Guess her caption Life is Grand my mother's funeral.

Heinous & Disrespectful Things That Have Happened At Funerals

People are terrible.
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Sarcastic and shitty life hacks

Sarcastic Life Hacks That Aren't Actually Wrong (16 Hot Tips)

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Thanks for Making Me Feel Terrible Again!

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By Unknown

Beep Beep!

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Beep Beep!


No Tears

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Via Cyanide and Happiness
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This Dove Release at a Funeral Didn't Go as Planned

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Worth a Shot

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Flashmob at a Funeral With The Black-Eyed Peas as Background Music. Yup.

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I Luk So Good Tho

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Now THIS is How You Advertise

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Too Soon?

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By anselmbe (Via Mordant Orange)

Funerals Need Good Music

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By GrimlockFett

So Super Sad, I'm Literally Crying Rite Nao

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I Like to Rest in Peace

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Via The Odd 1s Out

Funerals in Russia

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