One Crucial Difference

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By AwesomenessKool

They Aren't Blind

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By 4rch1t3ct

Only Maybe?

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By Cookie_monsta

You Just Got the Green Light, Bro

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By Unknown

The Clown Could Have Them Too!

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By orirgv

It's All Your Fault

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By Moep


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By lord_Ebil

Buy Your Own Box!

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How Do They Get Away With This?!

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By Blakham

Reframe: Booby encription FUUUUUUU

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By drugssexandtrumpets

Success Kid: Alphabet Soup

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See all captions By jaydeejayYAY

Don't Worry, They'll Even Out

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By Unknown

Insert Scarlett Johansson Joke Here

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By KawaiiGirl280

As Long as You Can Find Them

Yahoo Answers question about finding chest in Zelda. Probably a troll.
By ILuffNinjawz (Via Yahoo Answers | Memebase)

Please Open Your Port to Me

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By xCrosseyesx

They're Different Sizes

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By Matt11