I Miss It So Much Already :(

Caption that reads, "When you just finished your food and you're reminiscing about that time 30 seconds ago when you still had food" above a pic of Wolverine staring at a photo of takeout food that he just ate
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F*cking Weirdos

Caption that reads, "People who only eat two slices of pizza and say they're full" above a pix of Jennifer Lawrence looking disgusted
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Story of My Life

cake sweet jesus full - 8033409024
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I Thought I'd Feel Full Well Into December!

full sweet jesus rage thanksgiving - 7941985280
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Number One China Dragon Lucky Garden 16

full - 7769018368
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At Least They Keep Their Hubris Inside Themselves

russian dolls literalism full russian - 6898948096
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Waiter, There Were Too Many Flies in My Soup

cute full frog - 6920530176
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Time for a Change, Bro

pants kids these days full diaper - 6729991680
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Every F**king Time

pho food full SpongeBob SquarePants sweet jesus - 6694801920
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Bill Clinton Has More

Mitt Romney women full quote debate - 6679048704
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context full Mitt Romney speech taxes Video - 42127105

Full Mitt Romney Fundraiser Video Part One

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context full Mitt Romney speech Video - 42127617

Full Mitt Romney Fundraiser Video Part Two

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All Crumbs

chips full Memes - 6472622336
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food full hunger Memes swing - 6415536896
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Middle Food is Best Food

cat logic empty full Memes middle - 6250094848
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So Hungry...

eating First World Problems food fridge full hunger - 5902504448
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