Either Way I'm Sure It's HR Inape-propriate

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Created by Kamiu49

$100,000? Don't Even Care.

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Created by Putnum ( Via Jetlev )

Can't Tell if Need Glasses or Just Don't Like Vision

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Created by Unknown

Shouldn't Bang Either One

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I'll Take the Former

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Created by DannyCass

Oh, the Positions We Could Achieve

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Front Page Voting pls - KTHNXBAI

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Created by Catonic_Relationship

I'm Walking on Sunshine!

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Created by Kernow

Can't Tell if Cheating to Check Filename

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Created by Unknown

Everybody Wins!

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Created by Anon. E. Mouse

Gandalf the Tenured

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Created by el.carl2

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Innuendo

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Created by Victor

Can't Tell if That's My Boy or Big Daddy

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Created by Unknown

Finally, Manliness is Within Reach

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Created by Unknown

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

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Created by DemoEYE