Not Sure if Just Lonely

fry lonely relationship - 5733762560
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Maybe It's Both

caption fry nicki minaj song title - 5736841728
By JonBeek

Reframe: Can't tell if grammar police...

Badass fry grammar police Reframe - 5737780992
By lollersk8erz

Not Sure if Burning or Freezing

burn freeze fry Heat shower - 5733792256
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Double Catbomb

background Cats fry photobomb - 5712579840
By gadget593

Can't Tell if Ignorant Or Idiotic

fry nazi - 5708729600
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...or All Three?

canadian fry girl justin bieber - 5702000896
By kussese

Canadian Is Now a Gender?

Canada female fry gender male survey - 5683969024
By yusaku

Should Be Called Facepalm

facebook fry hatred people Sad - 5684393984
By Unknown

He Wants Sex

friendship fry nice sex - 5670633728
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God Is Urinating

fry god rain water - 5644654848
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Can't Tell If Unfunny or Just Lost In Vote Page

doomed fry upload - 5621075712
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Classic: Trust Me It's Both

classic fry madness sparta - 5256026624
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It's a Scary Moment

bad news break up fry slow typing - 5246551296
By gonzo187

This Is Why I'm Fat

bored food fry hungry - 5253982208
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The Latter

family fry hate presents wtf - 5621193472
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