Funny meme that reads, "Sorry I can't come all my clothes look stupid on me" above a photo of Kermit the Frog looking sad out of a window
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Funny memes about pockets

Frustrating And Relatable Memes For Anyone Who Demands Pockets In Their Clothing

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This Is Adulthood

Funny tweet about adult friends trying to make plans with one another
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Funny "inspirational" parenting quotes

Twenty 'Inspirational' Parenting Quotes Full Of Cynicism

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Funny memes about kids and parenting

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17 Toddler Tantrums That'll Make Your Reproductive Organs Shrivel Up

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Tweet that reads, "My computer: You have updates waiting to be installed; Me: I'll install tomorrow; My computer: ..." above another tweet that reads, "I feel like you lying but okay"
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Always Playing Dumb Smh

Tumblr post that reads, "Why do parents always ruin your day and then act like they didn't ruin your day and wonder why you're in a bad mood"
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Caption that reads, "Me: Shut the door on the way out; Literally everyone: ..." above pics of doors that are open ajar

Well, He's Not Wrong

Tweet that reads, "I got a job at Comcast and completed training so I could fix my own cable because it was faster than being on hold with customer service"
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So Irritating

Caption that reads, "When caps lock is on and you hold shift on the first letter" above a pic of a regular-sized guy's body in a suit with a tiny photoshopped head of a child
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cynical family members meme

16 Cynical Family Memes Just In Time For The Impending Holiday Season

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It's Agonizing

Tweet that reads, "The closest you can get to knowing what it's like to be a ghost is listening to a podcast where the hosts are trying to remember a piece of trivia that you know"
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reasons people have no money

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funny parenting pics

21 Hilarious Pics That'll Make You Never Ever Want Kids

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Damn That Hoverbike Race

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